Design & Project Management – Webster Road

Description: This small project was brought to us by a client who needed assistance in seeing its potential.  Being a two-bedroom terraced property in need of a full renovation, it was difficult for them to visualise how it could be turned into an attractive and desirable home.  The property is situated in a great location close to shops, restaurants, Wavertree Botanic Gardens, and 2 miles from Liverpool City Centre.  We gave the client several options, including converting to a 3-bedroom and losing some living space, or keeping as a 2-bedroom and maximising on the potential of the ground floor.

Eventually, the client went with our recommendation of keeping it as a 2-bedroom – this meant we simply needed to work with the current layout, so we got our design team on board straight away and the project was underway!

We knew that the property would be attractive to young people, students, families and professionals so we took the interior style into careful consideration.  Our design team were sure to keep it cool, modern but homely and comfortable at the same time.  The project took no time at all as everything went to plan, and we feel immensely proud of the result.  This is a perfect example of no matter the size of a property, if you have the right team behind you who have a clear vision, creating whatever kind of home you want is possible!

Our client was overjoyed with the outcome, and we have continued to work closely with them on several other projects since.